Monday, 10 December 2018


The whole Ghana is shocked by a leaked screenshot WhatsApp chat between a suspected Musician/Internet Influencer 'Braa Zion' and his Spiritual father of who is still unknown that hits the internet few days ago.
The screenshots says, according to the suspect 'Braa Zion'; "I just woke up from a dream, weird, a great man was shot dead, like political issues"
Below are the chats screenshots going viral on social media.

According to the chat, its clear that this is real conversation between Braa Zion and his spiritual man...maybe.
Why is Braa Zion the suspect?
Well, Here are few things that makes him the suspect.
*The Papa mentioned 'Braa' at the end. And we only know the one and only controversial Braa, 'BRAA ZION'
* Check the chats wallpaper. Its a Cover art of #Ateaa, the song which got Akrobeto on his feet on UTV.
And below is the cover art

Its a terrible dream, our president needs your prayers.

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