Sunday, 1 July 2018

How Amissah-Arthur fell on his head from Gym machine, read

How Amissah-Arthur fell on his head from Gym machine, read MORE DETAILS

Wife of Amissah Arthur on Friday dawn had told her husband they should call off the gym session fort that day but he maintained they had to go, pulling her out of bed to dress up despite her sleepiness and protest, can report from very close family source who stay with the Amissah-Arthurs.

This source agreed to speak to us following our news report of, thanks to Reverend Owusu Bempah, that NDC used Amissah Arthur for ‘Juju’ in the last election. learnt the former Vice President told his wife he will drive her himself instead of calling the driver to assuage her annoyance about having to go with him when she was advising they skip gym for that day. also learnt that the Amissah-Arthurs visited the Airforce Gym three times a week- on Mondays, Wednesdays and on Fridays.

He was in the electric massage machine of the Airforce Gym when he fell and hit his head on the ground going straight into coma, we were told. Other senior military officers in the Gym working out at a different section heard the shouts and cries of Matilda Amissah-Arthur and rushed to help her resuscitate her husband through a military coma routine and they revived him.

All this happened around 5:30am to 5:45am and they drove him top speed to the 37 Military hospital for emergency attention while he was revived.

He was to pass on 30 minutes later at the 37 Military Hospital where they had began working quickly on him.

 Published by;Gideon Mensah

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